X-23 by JusZ Cosplay

X-Men “X-23″: Stills ft JusZ Cosplay

A clone, assassin, and now the X-Men’s new Wolverine. Laura Kinney aka. X-23 has proven to be as effective and equally as ferocious as her “father”, the original Wolverine.

JusZ cosplay slipped into the X-23 role effortlessly. You better watch out, it’s game over for you when you hear that ‘Snikt!’

Cosplay: JusZ Cosplay
Photography: Nathan Tan

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JusZ Cosplay

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I love working with Nathan and IGSP. He always brings both a fresh look and homage to the character’s roots to the shoot and makes every photo outstanding.

X-23 is such a fun character to cosplay and I had a great time portraying her and making lots of snarling faces at the camera. We experimented with so many different poses and I tried to imagine the scenarios and stories behind them to help bring each photo to life.