Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online: Video & Stills Ft. Ticaju and Smashing Cosplay

Sword Art Online is easily one of the best anime series that’s ever made. And to be able to photograph two amazingly talented cosplayers to play as the main characters was an absolute blast.

Ayden from Smashing Cosplay played as the dual-sword wielding Kirito and Julia from Ticaju Cosplay played as the beautiful Asuna. We headed up to a fantastic location where we could recreate some of the forest scenes from the anime.

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is essentially a mass multi-player online game. And once you’re in, nobody was allowed out of the virtual world unless the game was beaten. There’s also one major catch. An in-game death also meant that your body would perish in the real world. The main story circles around Kirito and Asuna as they both struggle to survive while trying to escape this virtual reality together.

There’s plenty of adventure, action, drama, romance and delicious sandwiches.

We wanted to focus on Kirito and Asuna’s relationship. Not only on the romantic side but as fearsome warriors who trust each other to cover each other’s backs on the battlefield.

One of the main challenges we had to deal with was the shortage of time. We started late in the afternoon and we were worried that we weren’t be able to capture all the shots that we wanted to take. Considering we also wanted to capture some film footage.

Not to mention the gigantic mosquitoes that were constantly on us for the entire shoot. I’d have to commend on Ayden and Julia’s professionalism as they remained calm and focused on the task at hand. And with that, we hope that you enjoy the images and the short video that we’ve laboured day and night putting together.

We’re definitely excited with the final outcome of the project. And we’re looking forward to working with Smashing Cosplay and Ticaju Cosplay again on future projects.

Ticaju Cosplay

Cosplayer / Visit Website

Working with I Got Superpowers is always a complete pleasure. It’s an awesome experience being a part of creating an epic or memorable scene straight out of the guy’s heads, feeling their excitement when the pic comes together and seeing their enthusiasm when getting ready for the shot, brings together an experience I won’t soon forget.


Smashing Cosplay

Cosplayer / Visit Website

I’ve had my photo taken by the guys at I Got Superpowers many times before, but in my recent photoshoot with Angelo, I’ve learned that they are more than just your average friendly photographer at conventions. I’d never done a proper photoshoot like that before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I definitely got more than I was expecting out of it! The work was done in a very professional and well planned out manner, and everything was so smooth and easy going. He was ready with pictures to use to pose us for shots, and showed us how the shots were coming out along the way (they were AMAZING, btw). He’d picked out plenty of perfect shot locations too, and they were all so suited to the shots. Working with IGSP was an experience I’d gladly repeat, and certainly will be again in the future!

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