Super Sonico by Lilla Bee Cosplay. Photo by Angelo Beltran.

Super Sonico: Stills Ft Lilla Bee Cosplay

We hit the town with Lilla Bee Cosplay as the busty and beautiful Super Sonico, the widely popular pink-eyed college student wearing her funky swag and signature headphones.

Cosplay by Lilla Bee Cosplay
Photography by Angelo Beltran

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Angelo Beltran

Cosplay Photographer / I GOT SUPERPOWERS

I wanted to take it at a different angle and showcase what it would be like to hang with a cool cat like Super Sonico. We had a blast. One of the best sesh ever.

Lilla Bee

Cosplayer / Fan Lilla Bee Cosplay on Facebook

Super Sonico is one of my favourite characters and I just love shooting with Angelo. The “slice of life” vibe from the shoot really ties in well for her character and her show.