Steampunk Zatanna by JusZ Cosplay. Photo by Nathan Tan.

Steampunk Zatanna: Stills Ft JusZ Cosplay

Steampunk Zatanna is captivating, elegant and beautiful. The Mistress of Magic will put you under her spell – wait, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

Collaborating with JusZ Cosplay has always been inspiring and fun, and this time is no exception. Her versatility and familiarity of the characters always bring a fresh twist to her cosplays. It was so much fun doing this shoot and I can’t wait to see more awesomeness from JusZ!

Cosplay: JusZ Cosplay
Photography: Nathan Tan

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JusZ Cosplay

Cosplayer / Like her on Facebook

I love working with Nathan and IGSP. He’s so fun to work with and there’s an easy feeling to every shoot. He knows how to draw great photos out of me and is always bringing in new ideas and concepts that always have amazing results.