Shredder by Black Heart Cosplay. Photo by Charlie Nicholson.

Shredder: Stills Ft Black Heart Cosplay

Bringing you pure awesomeness from Allana Zumbo of Black Heart Cosplay as the big bad Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Allana is relatively new to the cosplay scene but is blowing the community away.
Please look her cosplay page up and show her some love.

Cosplay by: Black Heart Cosplay
Photography by: Charlie Nicholson

Black Heart Cosplay

Cosplayer / Visit Website

This was my first time doing a set with IGSP and with Charlie and her presence and professionalism instantly repressed any nerves I had. I love the research she puts into her shoots beforehand and the dedication to making me look as awesome as she can.

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