Lord of The Rings Elven Armour by Natston Productions. Photo by Charlie Nicholson.

Elven Armour “Lord of The Rings” by Natston Productions

Bringing you Elven armour inspired by Lord of the Rings with collaboration from Tiffany Dean Cosplay and Leonie Tagan.

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Lulu and Jecht by Mara and Miguel. Photo by Nathan Tan.

Lulu and Jecht “Final Fantasy X”: Stills Ft Mara and Miguel

Lulu and Jecht are two of the many colourful characters from the world of Final Fantasy X. Though they are from different timelines – we can’t deny the magic that these two brought together in the flesh!

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Freljord Ashe by Graceful and Graceless Cosplay. Photo by Angelo Beltran.

Freljord Ashe: Stills Ft Graceful and Graceless Cosplay

Hailing from the thunderous region of Freljord. An unforgiving mountainous land covered in snow and ice. She is Freljord Ashe the frost archer!

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Caesar Zeppeli Jojos' Bizarre Adventure by Sayu Yi. Photo by Alex Tran.

Caesar Zeppeli “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”: Stills Ft Sayu Yi

Cosplayer Sayu channels her inner badass to bring forward Caesar Zeppeli, from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Don’t mess with Caesar and his bubbles!

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Jolyne Jojo's Bizarre Adventure by Sayu Yi. Photo by Alex Tran.

Jolyne “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”: Stills Ft Sayu Yi

As the wrongfully-imprisoned Jolyne Kujo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Sayu shows off a character with a punk aesthetic and flair.

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