WWE Paige cosplay by JusZ Cosplay. Photo by Nathan Tan.

Paige “WWE”: Stills Ft JusZ Cosplay

We believe that JusZ Cosplay has accomplished what only a few has even dared attempt. And that is to become the spitting image of WWE pro wrestler Paige. We present you this fantastic set and see for yourself.

Cosplay: JusZ Cosplay
Photography: Nathan Tan

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Kick-ass, glamorous, and rock star all in one package when I first saw JusZ in her Paige Cosplay.
Working with JusZ has always been fun, and her inner WWE Diva just took over the moment she put on her cosplay!
With access to a wrestling ring and a mini-gym, this shoot was a really cool experience. Huge shout out to Riot City Wrestling for the awesome venue!

JusZ Cosplay

Cosplayer / Like her on Facebook

Paige is my third WWE cosplay and was made for AVCon 2015. It’s a bit nerve-wracking when you’re making a cosplay of an actual person – you don’t want to make them look bad! But, I was so lucky that Paige saw some of our behind the scene photos on Twitter and retweeted them with how much she loved the cosplay. It really made all the hard work studding the jacket (and everything else) worth it. She’s a very cool person and I admire her a lot.

Riot City Wrestling letting us use the ring to shoot in was another dream come true. As a wrestling fan, there’s no dream higher than being in the ring, and to get to sit on the turnbuckle, play around on the ropes, and just be in there was amazing.