Nurse Harley Quinn Shoot

DC’s Harley Quinn is one of the most popular female comic book characters of our time. And for our first shoot this year we’ve decided to create a striking set of images of that very character set in an exotic urban location with the help of the beautiful and talented cosplayer Tia Markie.

Our first challenge was deciding on which version of Harley Quinn we wanted to photograph. In the end we chose to do the nurse version which is based on the hit video game Batman: Arkham Asylum. We called up Tia Markie and asked her if she wanted to cosplay Harley Quinn and the answer was a resounding, “Hell yeah!”.

We were strictly on a tight budget so acquiring all the needed cosplay pieces and props were tricky. We also made sure all the elements worked together visually, so it would help our final composition tell a story.

Close to the shoot date we discovered that the Harley Quinn face mask had distorted due to the extreme heat where it was being stored. Panic slowly creeped in but we quickly came up with a solution that worked quite beautifully. There were other things that we couldn’t fit into the budget and things that we would have loved to try differently. But in the end we were able to pull everything off with a bit of luck, plenty of delicious snacks from Breadtop and Tia’s amazing make-up skills.

IGSP (I Got Superpowers): What was it like to cosplay as Harley Quinn?
TM (Tia Markie): It was different to what I usually cosplay as. I usually try to cosplay as a character that has a seductive personality, Harley Quinn had that appeal, however she’s known for being mentally insane which is an element in personality that I’ve never portrayed before! It was harder than I thought to channel my inner “mental patient” through for the camera to capture and for others to see but it was a fantastic and educational experience.

IGSP: What were the challenges you faced when putting the cosplay together? And what did you do to overcome them?
TM: I think the most challenging part of this cosplay was making it my flavor and being able to OWN Harley’s style at the same time. Most cosplayers tend to look the exact same or not put much effort into their character. I had a simple costume that I needed to somehow make different while still making it look like HQ. Making the skirt a bit shorter, a different style of boot, the accessories.. even the garter belt I added to make it a bit more… Me.

IGSP: If you can cosplay Harley Quinn again what would you change and why?
TM: I would absolutely cosplay as Harley Quinn again! If I had to change anything it would be the style… I love being the cosplayer that does a different rendition of a famous characters’ costume. I enjoy being different! Id love to make a crazy steampunk HQ or a more murderous and psycho version of her.

Tia Markie

Hair & Makeup Artist/Model/Cosplayer / Visit Website

My experience of being photographed by IGSP was fantastic! Funny guys who understand comfort of the model is key to get the perfect shot. They listen to your ideas, your wants, needs and limits. They allowed me to try out my ideas and let me see the photos they took of me, which helped motivate and excite me further!