Nariko by Zalaria Cosplay. Photo by Nathan Tan.

Nariko “Heavenly Sword”: Stills Ft Zalaria Cosplay

A warrior is not born, but forged through blood, fire, and steel. Nariko made a stand to protect her people despite her own insecurities and the overwhelming odds against her. She rose up to the challenge and proved herself to be a worthy wielder of the Heavenly Sword.

Cosplay: Zalaria Cosplay
Photography: Nathan Tan

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Zalaria Cosplay

Cosplayer / Visit her page

When Nathan messaged me telling about the character Nariko from Heavenly Sword, I knew I had to have a look at the game and to see this lady in action.

I was so impressed with her unfaltering commitment to her goal throughout the game and that she didn’t let any criticism change her mind. The design of Nariko was another thing that really stood out to me as well, her body shape is quite muscular and her clothing was non restrictive without being too skimpy. Of course the next thing I focused on was the design of the swords – I loved the way she could use them in multiple styles to fight with.

Having such a strong, interesting female lead in a game is rare and I decided that her personality is one I wanted to be able to portray through cosplay.