Magik by Axe Massacre Cosplay

Magik “X-Men”: Stills Ft Axe Massacre Cosplay

Illyana Rasputin aka. Magik. An X-Men with a very complex origin, Magik fights alongside the X-Men using her deadly mutant ability and sorcery. Having been through hell and back, she won’t hesitate to bring hell on anyone who crosses her path or anyone she cares for!

Cosplay by: Axe Massacre
Photography by: Nathan Tan

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Axe Massacre

Freelance Model/Cosplayer / Visit Website

This shoot was totally spontaneous and so much fun. It was great to experiment with a different style of character and photography that Nathan and I are so used to especially when working together which is what made this shoot so great as we are already so comfortable working together. Nathan has done an incredible job once again bringing the character to life, I believe we have both done Illyana Rasputina proud!