Lulu and Jecht by Mara and Miguel. Photo by Nathan Tan.

Lulu and Jecht “Final Fantasy X”: Stills Ft Mara and Miguel

Lulu and Jecht are two of the many colourful characters from the world of Final Fantasy X. Though they are from different timelines – we can’t deny the magic that these two brought together in the flesh!

When I first saw Mara and Miguel at a convention – I couldn’t believe how much they reminded me of Lulu and Jecht from Final Fantasy X! I love the hard work that they put on the cosplays, and their positive attitudes have truly made working with them an absolute pleasure!

Cosplays by Mara from Ladies of Luck and Miguel
Photos by Nathan Tan
Assisted by Charlie Nicholson


Cosplayer / Ladies of Luck

Working with Nathan was so much fun. Such a laid back atmosphere, it felt like just a day spent hanging out with friends, but at the same time when the camera went up you knew he was lining up a professional and impressive shot. Charlie was a delight, always with a joke and that extra eye to make sure everything looked perfect. Together they made for a shoot that was fun, professional and all around awesome.



I have never been a main subject for a photoshoot before, but Nathan made the experience very easy and relaxed. He had lots of ideas and always talked us through how to get them and if we were comfortable. Charlie being there to help out made it a lot easier for everyone and the two work together very well. Any ideas we had they were also eager to try.