Killjoy by Axe Massacre Cosplay. Photo by Nathan Tan.

Killjoy “Cyberforce” : Stills Ft Axe Massacre Cosplay

The unpredictable, insane killer cyborg is back! And she ain’t here to make friends. Cosplayed by Axe Massacre Cosplay. You’re in for a treat!

Killjoy has been one of my favourite comic book villains and Axe Massacre Cosplay did a fantastic job on the character. It was a fun project and a blast to work with this amazing talent.

Cosplay by: Axe Massacre
Photography by: Nathan Tan

Axe Massacre

Freelance Model/Cosplayer / Visit Website

Nathan and I share the same tastes in games, comics and all the rest which makes working with him so much fun as we constantly share similar ideas and make each of our visions a reality. Killjoy is only the beginning!

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