Lord of The Rings Elven Armour by Natston Productions. Photo by Charlie Nicholson.

Elven Armour “Lord of The Rings” by Natston Productions

Bringing you Elven armour inspired by Lord of the Rings with collaboration from Tiffany Dean Cosplay and Leonie Tagan.

Cosplay by Natston Productions
MUA & Seamstress: Tiffany Dean Cosplay
Model: Leonie Dean
Photography: Charlie Nicholson

So I was invited to work on a project by Natston production. An exciting project to have watched from beginning to end. Below you will find Natalie’s full description of her build from start to finish.

Hey, my name is Natalie Stone from Natston Productions. By day I am a chef, by night I watch Netflix and build costumes! I took to cosplay when I watched Dredd and thought ‘I really want that helmet’. Next thing I know I’m making a screen accurate Dredd armour build with my friend James and we teamed up as both Dredd and Anderson.

I use cosplay as a way to express myself artistically, and to learn different skills in both building and painting. I use it as a form of escapism.

The Elven armour is entirely made of Eva foam and gap filler. I designed, crested and built the armour from scratch. I used basic Pepakura to make the body armour, which I then cut out with 2mm and 3mm foam. To make the foam hard it is sealed with PVA wood glue. I did 6 to 8 coats painted on. Once I had sealed and hardened the foam, I used ‘selleys no more gaps’ to shape and remove seam lines.

No more gaps is a general household filler that is water based, flexible and sandable. After hours of sanding I then did the filigree detail work, which was sealed with a few coats of plastidip. The armour was then primed with black rustoleum then painted gold. I used gold leaf and silver rubnbuff to accent parts of the armour and also the filigree. The shield is made with an Mdf wood base, cut to shape with the same filigree method I used on the armour.

I had help from the wonderful Tiffany Dean who sewed the cape and the underskirt which both flowed beautifully. The armour was built to challenge my skills, have some fun with my own creation and to get ready to build something absolutely massive. Charlie Nicholson has been a driving and supportive force behind this project, and she has photographed it in the most stunning ways. Cosplay your hearts out for the love of the craft.