Photo by Nathan Tan

Level Up Cosplay Meet Teaser

We join forces with JATSTV to bring Adelaide’s first Level Up Cosplay Meet. A crazy amalgam of superheroes, villains, assassins, magical girls and a tomb raider.

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Black Widow by JusZ Cosplay. Photo by Nathan Tan.

Black Widow Goes Undercover

A Superhero, a spy, and an Avenger. Marvel Comic’s Black Widow is one mysterious and kick-ass lady.

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Sweet Pea by Lilla Bee Cosplay. Photo by Angelo Beltran.

Sweet Pea: Stills Ft. Lilla Bee Cosplay

We consider Lilla Bee Cosplay as one of South Australia’s hidden gems. We first discovered her during Oz Comic Con this year as Sweet Pea. She’s the one sweet blonde that almost got away.

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Ultraviolet by Axe Massacre Cosplay. Photo by Angelo Beltran.

Ultraviolet: Stills Ft. Axe Massacre Cosplay

There’s something to be desired for a woman who wields a sword on one hand and an automatic rifle on the other. Axe Massacre pulls off an amazing Ultraviolet cosplay with a combination of edgy mood and style.

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Armored Yoko: I Got Superpowers

Armored Yoko: Stills Ft. Armored Soul Cosplay

We’ve seen many bad-ass Yoko cosplays before – but if bad-ass had a mother, this would be it. Yoko in a full mech-suit can’t be found anywhere else except in a special edition toy release.  And it was our privilege to work with Armored Soul Cosplay to debut this work of art in its full glory.

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Sally Jupiter

Sally Jupiter: Stills Ft. Floksy Locksy Cosplay

Superhero and pin-up model is a rare combination. When we discovered Floksy Locksy in her Sally Jupiter cosplay, we just had to make the shoot happen and a huge thank you to Floksy Locksy for working with us on this project.

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Zatanna Mistress of Magic

A Magical Afternoon with Zatanna

Magic and mystery were all in a day’s shoot with the enigmatic Zatanna: Mistress of Magic.

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Tomb Raider: Survivor

We love the new Tomb Raider mainly for its’ strong character-driven storyline and its’ approach to a darker, grittier world of Lara Croft. Working with Tiffany Dean Cosplay as the new Lara Croft for this shoot has been an amazing experience.

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Persona 4 blog-8

Persona 4: Finding My True Self in The Studio

For I Got Superpowers’ inaugural studio shoot, we went with a Persona 4 theme. Guys fight over girls, guys fight over guys, chair surfing and more.

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Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online: Video & Stills Ft. Ticaju and Smashing Cosplay

Sword Art Online is easily one of the best anime series that’s ever made. And to be able to photograph two amazingly talented cosplayers to play as the main characters was an absolute blast.

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