Caesar Zeppeli Jojos' Bizarre Adventure by Sayu Yi. Photo by Alex Tran.

Caesar Zeppeli “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”: Stills Ft Sayu Yi

Cosplayer Sayu channels her inner badass to bring forward Caesar Zeppeli, from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Don’t mess with Caesar and his bubbles!

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Jolyne Jojo's Bizarre Adventure by Sayu Yi. Photo by Alex Tran.

Jolyne “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”: Stills Ft Sayu Yi

As the wrongfully-imprisoned Jolyne Kujo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Sayu shows off a character with a punk aesthetic and flair.

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Shredder by Black Heart Cosplay. Photo by Charlie Nicholson.

Shredder: Stills Ft Black Heart Cosplay

Bringing you pure awesomeness from Allana Zumbo of Black Heart Cosplay as the big bad Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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Bombshell Hawkgirl by Echo Kane. Photo by Nathan Tan.

Bombshell Hawkgirl: Stills Ft Echo Kane

Get ready to blast off and roam the sky with Echo Kane as Bombshell Hawkgirl! Saving the world and looking fab are all in a day’s work for this super heroine!

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Cosplay Meet at Studio Crowne Japan. Photo by Alex Tran.

International Cosplay Meet at Studio Crown Japan

Where can you rub shoulders Megurine Luka and Kiryuin Satsuki, and watch Asuka Langley Soryu fight Kamen Rider? Why, at a cosplay meetup of course!

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Yui Angel Beats

Yui Angel Beats! : Stills Ft Patchwork Paws Cosplay

Patchwork Paws Cosplay poses for IGOTSUPERPOWERS in a new photoset where she shows off her talents and charming smile. The Adelaide based cosplayer wears a cute school uniform, black boots, thigh garters and funky leg wraps. She’s bright pink, cheerful and wild. She’s Yui from Angel Beats!

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Pathfinder Elf by Tiggas Creative Chaos. Photo by Nathan Tan.

Pathfinder Elf: Stills Ft Tiggas Creative Chaos

An Elf most beautiful and deadly. Nature’s guardian, her embrace nurtures those on the side of light, and to those who sides with the darkness, death.

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Panty Anarchy cosplay by Hyliankai. Photo by Angelo Beltran.

Panty Anarchy: Stills Featuring Hyliankai

A beautiful blonde angel donned in glamorous red. A fierce ghost hunter and a vixen in heat. When Panty removes her deadly weapon, get ready for battle!

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Tifa by Floksy Locksy Cosplay. Photo by Angelo Beltran.

Tifa Lockhart: Stills Ft Floksy Locksy Cosplay

Wearing a white sleeveless shirt exposing the midriff, a mini skirt, red gloves, reinforced boots and light armour metal guard – Floksy Locksy Cosplay turns up the heat as Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa Lockhart.

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Babydoll. Photo by Angelo Beltran.

Babydoll: Stills Ft Jimmy Lee “League of Biddies”

Jimmy Lee’s version of Babydoll is among the top in Adelaide. Straight out of Zack Snyder’s feature film Sucker Punch. She is one badass motha you don’t wanna mess with.

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