Deathwing by Zalaria Cosplay. Photo by Nathan Tan

Deathwing “World of Warcraft” Stills ft. Zalaria Cosplay

Deathwing returned to the World of Warcraft and changed the world of Azeroth permanently. Deathwing mastery over fire and the land itself was feared by many.
This Deathwing cosplay is based on an original design by Zach Fischer Illustration for Jessica Nigri.

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Eeveelutions “Pokemon” Stills ft Zalaria Cosplay, Kelpie Cosplay, Kailiya Cosplay & Floksy Locksy Cosplay

Introducing Espeon, Sylveon, ‘shiny’ Silveon and ‘shiny’ Leafeon!
These four cuties represent three of the eight Poke?mon that evolve from Eevee, known as the Eeveelutions! Even a couple of the very elusive and rare shiny versions have come out to play… Gotta catch ‘em all!
These outfits are based on the Playboy Bunny themed designs penned by prominent cosplay ambassador Stella Chuu.

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Cammy by Alishiera Cosplay

Cammy “Street Fighter” Stills ft Alishiera Cosplay

Ex-Shadaloo mercenary and current member of Delta Red, a British paramilitary government organisation. Cammy uses her fighting skills for justice and well-being of cats everywhere.

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Sylvanas Windrunner by Zalaria Cosplay

Ranger Sylvanas Windrunner “World of Warcraft””: Stills ft Zalaria Cosplay

Ranger Sylvanas Windrunner defended Silvermoon till her last breath against the overwhelming forces of Arthas and his undead scrourge. Arthas’ hatred towards Sylvanas was so great that he turned her into the Banshee Queen after her death, but that didn’t stop her to forge her own legend, which is another epic tale for another time…

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Magik by Axe Massacre Cosplay

Magik “X-Men”: Stills Ft Axe Massacre Cosplay

Illyana Rasputin aka. Magik. An X-Men with a very complex origin, Magik fights alongside the X-Men using her deadly mutant ability and sorcery. Having been through hell and back, she won’t hesitate to bring hell on anyone who crosses her path or anyone she cares for!

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Yang Xiao Long by Floksy Locksy Cosplay

RWBY “Yang Xiao Long”: Stills ft Floksy Locksy Cosplay

The strongest member of the team RWBY, Yang Xiao Long is also the most confident, optimistic, fearless, and at times flippant. Yang is also known as the team’s resident pun-master.

She fights with passion and always stays positive, even when death is staring directly at her face. “Great, the gang’s all here. Now we can all die together”.

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X-23 by JusZ Cosplay

X-Men “X-23″: Stills ft JusZ Cosplay

A clone, assassin, and now the X-Men’s new Wolverine. Laura Kinney aka. X-23 has proven to be as effective and equally as ferocious as her “father”, the original Wolverine.

JusZ cosplay slipped into the X-23 role effortlessly. You better watch out, it’s game over for you when you hear that ‘Snikt!’

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Panty by Zalaria Cosplay

Panty “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”: Stills ft Zalaria Cosplay

The crude, foul-mouthed, short-tempered Panty is one-half of the Anarchy Sisters is on a mission to purchase their way back to heaven by annihilating ghosts on earth. With ability to transform any panties into lethal firearms, she will stop at nothing to accomplish her mission… well… except for men… occassionaly.

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Rei Ayanami by Floksy Locksy. Photo by Ellen Lily.

Rei Ayanami “Evangelion” (School Swimsuit): Stills Ft Floksy Locksy Cosplay

With humanity under constant threat of Angel annihilation, only children are small enough to be assigned the impossibly daunting task of piloting the EVA Units and combatting these foes. Clouded with a negative self worth and struggling to come to terms with her own expendability, the First Child Rei Ayanami, pilots the EVA 00 to save the world.

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Tharja “Fire Emblem Awakening”: Stills Ft Zalaria Cosplay

Tharja is a mistress of dark arts and an expert on curses. Reveal to her your true name, and you are at her mercy forever. She is also a lover and creep extraordinaire. She walks the thin line between committing herself totally and expertly stalking the one she loves.

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