Bowser by Lilla Bee Cosplay. Photo by Nathan Tan.

Bowser “Mario Bros.”: Stills Ft Lilla Bee Cosplay

I will never see Bowser the same way again, ever. Thanks to Lilla Bee who created her unique version and totally owning it!

I was instantly WOWed when I first saw it. Lilla Bee’s design is original and a lot of love was put in every detail. Working with Lilla Bee was a fantastic experience. Not only was she able to pull off the dynamic poses I requested, she even took it to the next level by adding her own twist. A photographer’s dream! Working with her again in the future will be a privilege and an opportunity that I will not miss!

Cosplay by Lilla Bee Cosplay
Photography by Nathan Tan

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Lilla Bee

Cosplayer / Fan Lilla Bee Cosplay on Facebook

A huge thank you to Nathan for making me look and feel amazing! I’m so happy I got the chance to shoot my Bowser costume with him. I had a wonderful time, he’s super easy and comfortable to work with. It was a pleasure, and I would definitely love to shoot with him again soon!!