Bombshell Hawkgirl by Echo Kane. Photo by Nathan Tan.

Bombshell Hawkgirl: Stills Ft Echo Kane

Get ready to blast off and roam the sky with Echo Kane as Bombshell Hawkgirl! Saving the world and looking fab are all in a day’s work for this super heroine!

Cosplay by: Echo Kane
Photography by Nathan Tan

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Echo Kane

Cosplayer / Like her on Facebook

Shooting with Nathan from IGSP was tremendous fun! Nathan has a great eye for spotting the potential in locations and the talent to bring out the best in his subjects. We tried a large variety of poses and perspectives meaning we were able to get the best from our time shooting.

The team was so professional and courteous when I contacted them about the possibility of working together. I’m thrilled with the results and would shoot with this great team again in a heart beat.