Ballistic by Axe Massacre Cosplay. Photo by Nathan Tan.

Ballistic “Cyberforce”: Stills Ft Axe Massacre Cosplay

Cyberforce’s Ballistic from Top Cow universe is one sexy, bad ass character. And only a few would survive crossing her path.

I was excited when Axe Massacre Cosplay agreed to do Ballistic as she’s also shown interest in the character. This cosplay was challenging to do, but I knew that Axe Massacre Cosplay has the skill and attitude to bring Ballistic to life.

I was inspired by her drive to get this done right. She put a lot of time and effort into it, and the results are amazing!

Cosplay by: Axe Massacre
Photography by: Nathan Tan

Axe Massacre

Freelance Model/Cosplayer / Visit Website

Creating Ballistic was almost as tough as the woman herself. Nathan constantly pushed me to do my best and pump out the costume as quickly as I could while also achieving the best result, which is why he’s not only an amazing photographer but also an amazing person and friend.

The build for this cosplay was like nothing I’d ever done before and even though I’m ecstatic with the result I know the finished product would only be half as good without Nathan by my side.

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