Armored Yoko: I Got Superpowers

Armored Yoko: Stills Ft. Armored Soul Cosplay

We’ve seen many bad-ass Yoko cosplays before – but if bad-ass had a mother, this would be it. Yoko in a full mech-suit can’t be found anywhere else except in a special edition toy release.  And it was our privilege to work with Armored Soul Cosplay to debut this work of art in its full glory.

Armored YokoSuzanne from Armored Soul Cosplay has been on our radar for awhile now. And after the initial email exchange, she proposed her latest Yoko cosplay. We were very impressed with her work and plans were made to get the photo shoot happen.

We’ve decided to have the shoot in a setting that replicates a desolate alien planet, but serene and beautiful as well. We imagined a location with tall cliffs, jagged rocks, blood red moon, and a large volume of water with a dash of sunset. As luck would have it, we found the perfect location after doing a little bit of hard work.

On the day of the shoot, the weather was around 25 degrees Celsius. It was perfect. Maneuvering through the rocks and getting to the right spot while keeping Suzanne in her Armored Yoko cosplay and all the equipment safe from falling into the water proved to be quite fun and challenging at the same time. We also decided to ignore the protest of quad muscles and they eventually thanked us for the 3% improvement they received a few days later.

Special thanks to Logan Heath Wolfrhamn who was faithfully watching over our equipment. And for becoming our human light stand. We had loads of fun doing the shoot and we would like to thank Armored Soul Cosplay for her infectious positive energy and can-do attitude!


Behind-the-scenes with Angelo capturing some video footage.