We are a team of dedicated and creative individuals with a passion for all things comics, anime, video games, PVC figures and cosplay. Our main focus is to create beautiful and engaging cosplay images. We want to produce not just photos but give the many talented cosplayers an opportunity to showcase their hard work. We’re constantly learning new ways and techniques to make our images stand out. We aim to innovate and set new trends. We love what we do and we hope that this passion translates into amazing works of art that many will enjoy.

We cover as many conventions as possible every year. We enjoy capturing all the amazing cosplays and the talented cosplayers we come across. Many whom we now call friends. We’ve worked with local businesses and organizations including Oz Comic-Con, Neko Nation, Otacute and Supanova. We’ve also collaborated with creatives and many other local talents in bringing their work and latest projects to the community.

Meet the Core Creative Team




WEBSITE: Angelo Beltran Photography

I grew up reading a lot of comics. And I tend to collect them more for the artwork than the story. I love my video games. No denying that. I own both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. But I enjoy playing more on the PC. Photography gets me excited. Producing beautiful works of art through this wonderful medium is one of the best things that I’ve ever experienced.

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Any flashgun set to manual. I love the idea of carrying the sun in my pocket.

SUPERPOWERS: I can bend light, bounce it, reflect it, and create it.



WEBSITE: Nathan Tan Photography

I love my comic books, martial arts, and photography. My photography journey began around the same time IGSP was born. It started with photographing cosplayers at pop culture conventions. I started to develop my love for the art of photography, especially on location shoots for its challenges, and spontaneous creative potential it creates to produce stunning, unique images.

WEAPON OF CHOICE: My primes, flashguns, and my dual-wield dragon-slaying katanas.

SUPERPOWERS: My superpower is called Lackosleepetus. It’s a mutant condition that enables me to perform my daily task with very little daily sleep.

Charlie Nicholson


Mum of two amazing children and married to a wonderful man who all inspire me to be the best version of myself possible. Having emigrated to South Australia from the UK four years ago I picked up my camera again to record my families growth for loved ones back home in the UK. This re-introduced me back to my love of photography and the arts.

My journey so far has been a path of building my skills in portrait photography as my first love which has progressed to the art that is Cosplay. I have been inspired by the passion of cosplayers and this genre has helped ignite my creativity. I look forward to growing, learning and developing in this fantastic community of artisans.

WEAPON OF CHOICE: My formidable Nikon D610… Small, robust and a loyal work horse. Followed closely by my Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 G ED lens.

SUPERPOWERS: A natural ability to relate and connect with my subjects. Using laughter to break the ice. Forever smiling.

Ellen Lily


WEBSITE: Ellen Lily Photo

I was introduced to photography in 2005, purchased my own DSLR camera in 2008, and started to really use it regularly during my diploma in 2014 – where I am chuffed to have graduated with a distinction portfolio.

I’ve always had a fondness for the creative arts, so my relationship with photography progressed very organically. High fashion publications and avant garde spreads are my motivating force. Because of this, I still tend to view cosplay as my own private runway show. Where cosplayers are revered as independent ‘designer, makeup artist and model’ triple threats… spotlighting their creations across the convention floor.

My vices are League of Legends, all the chocolate, and my annual Adelaide Zoo pass!

WEAPON OF CHOICE: A wide open mind and aperture!

SUPERPOWERS: Giving my subjects the opportunity to slip into their own magazine-esque fashion and beauty photoseries.