Zatanna Mistress of Magic

A Magical Afternoon with Zatanna

Magic and mystery were all in a day’s shoot with the enigmatic Zatanna: Mistress of Magic.



As a part of a race called ‘homo magi’, Zatanna was born with her magical abilities. She was often portrayed as a supporting character to the Justice League in various story arcs, and currently she is a part of Justice League Dark in the DC’s New 52 universe.

Zatanna is one of a few characters that has the great combination of mystery and glamour that I’d like to capture on camera. For this, we went for a location that would look dark and edgy to create an eerie atmosphere that we were looking for. The team for the shoot was myself on the camera, Angelo Beltran as the videographer, and Justine from JusZ Cosplay as Zatanna. A special thank you goes to Ali Reid from Eye Candy By Ali for doing a fantastic job on Justine’s makeup.

The shoot went smoothly, with the only challenge presented itself in a form of dust. Yes, dust. The location was covered with thick dust from the floor to the ceiling, and I still shudder whenever I think about the amount of dust we inhaled that day.

Despite being covered with dust from head to toe, shooting the magical Zatanna was a lot of fun as it gave us the opportunity to be creative with our shots. Thank you to JusZ Cosplay for being a magnificent Zatanna. We hope that you enjoy the shots as much as we had fun creating them!

Make sure to make your way down at the bottom of this post and watch the behind-the-scenes video!

Behind-The-Scenes: Angelo Beltran (right) hard at work filming.

BEHIND-THE-SCENES: Angelo Beltran (right) hard at work filming.

Justine Gaudreau-Fewster

Cosplayer / Visit Website

I love shooting with Angelo and Nathan. Not only are they creative and enthusiastic, they are true collaborators and are always ready to try a new idea or replicate an iconic image. Plus, there’s always a lot of fun! Every convention and event I look forward to finding them and I’ve never been disappointed with any of their pictures. I’ll always be an IGSP girl!


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