A Cat’s Day Out: Video & Stills Ft. Jessie’s Handy Cosplays

Last weekend we shot the second half of a two part cosplay shoot where we showcase an up and coming Adelaide based cosplayer, Jessie’s Handy Cosplays as the alluring Black Cat.

Coming from the success of our shoot with Tia Markie as Harley Quinn earlier this year, we’ve decided to step it up a notch and do another one.  This time around we’ve chosen to work with Jessie to cosplay as Felicia Hardy a.k.a. the Black Cat.  We met Jessie for the first time during Oz Comic-Con’s debut in Adelaide.  Jessie is a great artist whose got a lot of passion for what she does. Best of all she’s really nice and a lot of fun to work with.

Black Cat. Artwork by J. Scott Campbell

Black Cat. Artwork by J. Scott Campbell

Black Cat is an anti-heroine with near superhuman reflexes, agility and stamina. She’s also got the ability to produce “bad luck” to those around her. Black Cat is considered by many as one of the sexiest women in comics. With this in mind, we made sure that we’ve captured what makes the character who she is in the final product.

In addition to the photo shoot we’ve also filmed and put together a short video.

The concept of the shoot is pretty straight forward. The scene starts with Felicia getting ready at her place, where we also get to see some interaction with her pet cat. Finding the right location and a well trained cat for this part were crucial. Thanks to an amazing support crew we were able to pull it off.

To maintain the overall atmosphere we made sure we got the lighting right. With several trial and error and a little bit of luck we’ve managed to capture the right amount of ambient lighting to set the tone for the scene.

On the second part, we wanted to show Black Cat sneaking and crawling in between tight spaces. Then break into a compound and get away with it to end the scene.  Rain was looming on the horizon so we had to hurry and almost dropped a really expensive gear due to the strong winds. But thanks to Jessie’s quick reflexes she saved me a couple thousand dollars worth of equipment. Thanks Jessie! You’re my hero!

I’m really happy how the shoot turned out.  Jessie played her role really well as Black Cat and we’re quite pleased with the final result.  It was a blast and everyone had a great time.

Finally I would like to give the support crew a massive thank you for joining us for the ride and for helping us hit  it out of the ballpark. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Huge shout out to our amazing support crew: (Left to right) Chloe, Misha, Pip, Jessie and Jason.

Huge shout out to our amazing support crew: (Left to right) Chloe, Misha, Pip, Jessie and Jason.

Jessie Philcox


Working with I Got Superpowers has always been one of my favorite parts of cosplaying. They’re always professional and share all their ideas and objectives with you.  They aim to work with you to produce the best possible photos.  If you’re ever wanting to get some quality photos of your cosplay but don’t know any photographers personally, these are the guys you’re after!



IGSP (I Got Superpowers):  Can you tell us more about yourself and your background in cosplay for those who don’t know you?
JP (Jessie Philcox):  I started cosplaying with my girlfriend when I was in high school. She was the one who introduced me to anime, manga and comics.  I was mainly raised on Sony Playstation, Pokemon and Sci-Fi films.  We started rough, bought most our stuff or found it for each other in family hand me downs or op shops.  My first cosplays were actually during AVcon, I think is 2009 when I was in year 10, as Matt and L from Death Note.  I remember going on stage as Matt for the cosplay Speed Dating.  And having people come up to me afterwards and comment on how much they loved how I portrayed him. That was the first time I really realised I loved to cosplay.  I then put it on hold and came back to it in 2012, with my first hand made costume as Scarlet Witch, which is how I first met Angelo from I Got Superpowers.

IGSP:  Do you think it’s equally important for cosplayers to try to act out the character when in cosplay?
JP:  I don’t think its as important, but I think it’s something people really appreciate.  Cosplay is about having fun and having the chance to be someone you think is amazing.  Who hasn’t dreamed of being a legendary hero of courage like Link or a mutant capable of both amazing and terrible things like Wanda Maximoff, or a beautiful and wise Elf like Galadriel?  Cosplay is an escape as much as it is a hobby or art, like drawing, or making music and acting.  It’s just great when you find someone’s true passion lies in bringing other people’s dreams to life.

IGSP:  So what’s your next cosplay going to be? Would you do another shoot with I Got Superpowers if given the opportunity?
JP:  Oh my goodness, have you seen my list?!  I have three in the works at the moment.  And they are Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, Batwoman from DC Comics New 52 and Black Widow from the Avengers (comic ver.).  I Got Super Powers are my favorite photographers, so I’d leap at the opportunity to work with them again!

For more of Jessie’s work make sure to check out her page at Jessie’s Handy Cosplays.